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Who we are

Harvard MBA, McKinsey, Wharton, Yankee Group, McGraw-Hill, MIT, Golder Thoma, GTCR
We bring both transactional and real-world operations experience to our engagements: all our principals have held senior M&A and operating positions in prominent IT services, data, media, communications and technology-driven companies.

Ryan Kuhn founded Kuhn Capital in 1985 after leading equity investments in ó and workouts of ó various print and electronic growth properties for the large Chicago venture capital firm Golder Thoma Cressey Rauner. In this capacity, and later, he has served on the boards of a number of information companies, today including First Bank & Trust Company of Illinois.

Earlier, he led the turn-around of Reid Systems, an HR systems and data vendor to Fortune 500 clients subsequently sold to NCS Pearson, and before that he headed up McGraw-Hillís corporate acquisitions efforts. He holds an MBA from Harvard and a BA from Trinity College (Hartford), and he leads the non-profit fellowships program for the HBS Club of Chicago.

Pat Richmond was formerly President/CEO of Primarkís $60 million Decision Information Division (PDID) comprised of WEFA, The Yankee Group and Decision Economics. Before that, he led the acquisition of 12 data, software and consulting companies, enabling Primark to grow from revenues of $20 million to $500 million.

Earlier, Pat was Division VP of McGraw-Hillís Data Resources, an econometrics consulting firm. He has a BA from the University of Kentucky (Phi Beta Kappa) and has completed graduate studies in economics at the University of Wisconsin.

The Roundstone Group and its principal, Tom Flaherty, partner with Kuhn Capital on buy-side engagements for larger private equity groups. Roundstone specializes in business/professional services and technology sectors, specifically transaction processing, ďasset-liteĒ logistics, for-profit education and training, and software. As an example of these activities, in the last several years for a private equity client, Roundstone initiated six school acquisitions with aggregated revenues of over $70 million.

Previously, Tom was a co-founder and general partner of Weeden Capital Management, and a senior M&A and strategic planning executive at ADP and Data Resources, Inc. He has a BA from Southern Connecticut and completed graduate studies in Econometrics/Finance at Wharton where he was also an Instructor of Finance.

Tom Breuer specializes in assisting our clients with international and healthcare industry transactions. For 18 years Tom was with Hollister -- a global manufacturer and marketer of disposable medical products -- as Director of International Sales and Regional General Manager Latin America. Before that, he was VP of Baxter Travenol Laboratories' International Division, Area Director Latin America, and GM for Mexico. Earlier he contributed to the success of 17 consumer, industrial and financial clients for McKinsey, the international consultancy.

He has an MBA from Harvard and a BS in Economics, cum laude, from Wharton. A US citizen, he is a native of Uruguay and he serves on the board of an Illinois-based NGO.

Gerald Berstell, a senior associate, specializes in due diligence on behalf of buyers -- evaluating the ability of the seller to form and maintain profitable customer relationships. Specifically, Gerry conducts case studies of key milestones in the relationships between the seller and its customers, gaining unique insight into the value of those relationships and ways by which a buyer can enhance them. A former McKinsey consultant, Berstell holds a Harvard MBA, and BS and Masterís degrees in Architecture from MIT. His 25 yearsí consulting experience includes projects for Abbott Laboratories, Blue Cross, BP Amoco, Compaq, Emerson Electric, IBM, McGraw-Hill, Michelin, NBC, and Pfizer.

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