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divest, acquire, sell, buy, merge, close
We represent both buyers and sellers. Many sell-side clients are public companies wishing to divest units that are no longer "core" to their strategy, or they are entrepreneurial firms whose owners are looking to gain scale and realize liquidity.

Our buy-side clients are often large private equity firms for whom we conduct searches in certain targeted industries.

We attract most of our M&A engagements through word-of-mouth. We are fortunate to enjoy a reputation as "quick studies" who deliver thorough, quality work.

See below for a sample of some KC success stories. However, many of our clients value discretion: if you have interest, we'd be delighted to discuss our transactions in more detail with you in person.

For APEX GROUP OF COMPANIES, manufacturer of laser-engraved anilox rolls for printing presses and associated technical services, source prospective acquisition targets located around the world.

For BELL INDUSTRIES (OTCBB: BIUI), technical services provider and recreational products distributor, source prospective investors and issue fairness opinion on the terms of a capital injection.

For FORTEGRA, technical services specialist in CIS and CRM automation for utilities, stock sale to Black & Veatch Corporation, infrastructure engineering services vendor.

For GIBSON GUITAR, manufacturer of guitars and digital audio devices, source prospective acquisition targets located around the world.

For INSOLEXEN, specialist in IBM WebSphere, webMethods and TIBCO technical consulting, merge with Perficient, also a technical services vendor, for $13.4M.

For POWEL ASA (OSLO: POWEL), vendor of utility network and asset management software, merge with MiniMax, publisher of utility workforce management and facilities construction software.

For ICF CONSULTING (NASDAQ: ICFI), divest energy industry software and technical services vendor ESI to Nexus Energy.

For PERFICIENT (NASDAQ: PRFT), merge with e-commerce installation services vendor Compete for up to $63M

For PRIMARK, since acquired by Thomson, acquire data and consulting firms valued at $5M-$50M. Also divest Lodestar, vendor of energy load and market analysis software.

For ENERGY EAST CORPORATION (NYSE: NEG), value and divest $40M (cost) computerized natural gas trading network, and sell Xenergy, a $25M (sales) utility industry IT and management consulting firm. to KEMA.

For CONNECTICUT ENERGY CORPORATION, since acquired by Energy East, attract $5M investment to its computer service bureau (ASP) business unit.

For UTILITY PARTNERS, mobile data systems vendor, since acquired by Viryane), value and structure $10M private placement.

For SONY JAPAN (NYSE: SNE), advise on creation of worldwide e-commerce strategy.

For RESOURCE DATA INTERNATIONAL (RDI), since acquired by Platt's, buy energy data vendors valued at about $5M.

For REED BUSINESS, sell Tracom, a $5M (sales) training products vendor.

For CARE DATA SYSTEMS, sell company’s suite of healthcare industry data integration applications (in process).

For PRIMEDIA (NYSE: PRM), value acquisition target—$35M (sales) sci/tech publisher—and identify steps to widen margins.

For AMERITECH (NYSE: T), since merged with SBC and AT&T, create strategic and financial rationales for $15M investment in a local digital content production facility.

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