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Allen leads Digeo/Moxi Digital Merger

Multimedia set-top box platform developers Digeo and Moxi Digital joined forces today. Moxi, headquartered in Palo Alto, and digeo, based in Kirkland, Washington, will maintain all of their combined 328 employees and hope to bring together a new combined product under the watch of primary investor Paul Allen.

Analysts say the two companies bring complementary strengths to the table: Moxi, with powerful set-top box designs, and digeo, with relationships and deals with Charter and the two leading set-top box makers, Motorola and Scientific Atlanta. The merger brings together similar visions: to give television viewers easy access to a new world of entertainment, information, communications and commerce.

The companiesí products -- a set-top box platform meant to act as a gateway for TV programming, video, music and the Internet and be distributed to multiple televisions in a house -- even have some identical components.

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