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The Most Disruptive Force in Tech Today


We ran into a prominent denizen of Sand Hill recently of whom we asked a simple question: What's got you excited today?

We'd heard the same answer before but sort of brushed it off: He said "the Cloud."

Except this time the answer was persuasive. He said Oracle was toast, running on fumes. It would of course be around a long time, but that's just because it takes a while for giant flywheels to spin down. We assume to that list of packaged software vendors you could add a lot of others -- Microsoft, SAP, CA, etc. It's true, they all look tired.

The dragon-slayer is the cloud. Its model is tearing apart all other forms of computation and communication. It will remake whole industries, he said. We had been respectful of the advances of cloud computing these last few years, but hadn't thought of it as globally disruptive.

But on further thought, we're inclined to agree. We have seen the effects of cloud computing and storage in virtually every industry our clients address. We have even seen emerging businesses that help clients select and manage cloud vendors.

What other implications do you see for the emergence and eventual dominance of the cloud? We believe there are many.

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