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Clarity has been generating outsized buzz since it closed a $1.6 million seed round from some prominent early-stage investors last December -- Mark Cuban, Baseline, Freestyle Capital, Version One Ventures, Real Ventures, 500 Startups et al.

The site brings together entrepreneurs with growth experts by arranging one-on-one phone calls.

Wiki says Clarity currently hosts about 6,000 experts and founder Dan Martell claims,"Over the past three months weve seen our traffic grow by 400% and our search volume increase by almost 10x."

Clarity's model isn't new under the sun: the idea of coordinating questions with expert answers has been applied before but mostly for technical problems, like how to fix a printer.

But Clarity's site is elegant in its simplicity, and we don't know of any other service that puts entrepreneurs and advisors together on the phone.

If you decide to check out Clarity and want a piece of Ryan's mind, click on the image below. Use this link to chat about your business plans for free!


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