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State of the IT Consulting M&A Market


We've been tracking IT consulting deals in North America and. -- considering the constant rain of bad news about the US and European economies -- transaction volumes and value have been surprisingly stable.

According to Capital IQ, 182 IT consulting deals closed in 2009, 231 closed in 2010, and 181 have closed or announced through 9/14/11. Extrapolating 2011YTD produces an estimated 229 deals closed in 2011. So we expect the number of deals closed to be virtually the same for 2010 and 2011.

As for value, North American IT consulting transactions averaged $49 million each in 2009, $22 million in 2010 and $20 million in 2011. So we expect the average deal value to decline slightly (about 10%), not a material amount.

In sum, how would we describe the current M&A environment for IT consultancies? Ambling along.

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