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Getting Better All the Time?


M&A activity for “Information and Communication” companies is showing surprising mid-year strength. According to Thomson the number of deals closed YTD 2008 were 928 versus 885 over the same period in the prior year.

Separately, specialty M&A advisor De Bellas & Company reports that the number of staffing industry deals done in Q2 2008 was 23 versus 26 in Q1. That’s a slower decline than in past quarters. In fact, staffing deals done in the IT, Finance, Accounting. Legal and Healthcare subsectors even increased, from 10 to 13, though it’s hard to base a trend on such small sample sizes. De Bellas is also optimistic about the second half of 2008 based on deals in process.

Bottom line: it may be too early even for cautious optimism, but at least M&A activity in our mid-market industry niches appears to be escaping many of the ills affecting big deals with their attendant credit financing problems.

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