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VC's : "What Liquidity Crisis"?


While their private equity brethren are adjusting to the new realities of tightened leverage, venture capitalists continue their spending spree.

According to a National Venture Capital Association release, VC’s plowed $7.1 billion into 887 deals during Q3 2007. That’s only slightly down from Q2’s $7.2 billion pumped into 1,000 deals.

Attracting the most Q3 bucks were perennial industry favorites software and biotechnology, taking in more than $1 billion each. Not far behind, perhaps surprisingly, was the trendy “clean technology” sector: it garnered $844 million in various alternative energy, pollution and recycling, power supplies and conservation investments.

While clearly needed, we bet certain clean tech investments will deliver low mileage for many a VC, especially those in the alternative energy space.

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