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The Great Wealth Generator


Each year the World Economic Forum compiles a list of "Technology Pioneers". The Forum awards Pioneer status to people it considers leaders in the development of technologies that have the potential for long-term, beneficial impact on business and society.

The Forum named 47 venture capitalists and operating company CEO’s to the 2007 list. Remarkably, more than half, or twenty-seven, are based in the US, with 13 in California alone. The next most frequent location for Pioneers is the UK with six. See the winners on the Forum’s website .

They’re an eclectic collection of entrepreneurs working on such products as pill cameras, landmine biosensors, implantable medical devices, mobile television services, blog search engines, open-source Web browsers, video headsets, paper batteries, solar-powered appliances and various nanotech-based items.

We figured out that -- with one exception -- the countries in which these Pioneers live rank among the 36 most “economically free” nations in the world according to the Index of Economic Freedom compiled by the Wall Street Journal and The Heritage Foundation.

The Index is designed to measure the degree by which:
• Personal choice is permitted over collective choice.
• Voluntary exchanges are coordinated by markets rather than by political allocation processes.
• Citizens have the freedom to enter and compete in markets.
• Citizens and their property are protected from aggression by others.

The single exception to the correlation between Pioneer status and country Freedom Index rank was India. Two Pioneers hail from India, a bureaucratic state ranked 121 out of 157 on the Index, one slot higher than Russia.

But the overall relationship between outstanding technological innovation and the environment that makes it possible remains obvious. Our wish for 2007 is that the unfree of the world are permitted more opportunity to join in the Great Wealth Generator parade this country currently leads.

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