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IT Trends for 2007


CIO Insight has come out with a succinct list of technology trends for 2007 that bears a closer look. The list was derived from some 13 surveys of CIO practices and intentions conducted by the magazine this year.

While there’s no ranking of the importance of these 30-odd trends, they are divided into four categories: Strategies, Management, Security/Risk, and Technology. We like the following prognostications:

• Business intelligence and business process analysis continue gaining traction.
• Customer service gets more attention (hallelujah).

IT Department Management
• The function consumes more money, as does its CIO.
• Finding employees able to integrate technical knowledge with business knowledge remains tough.

• No relief from the rising tide of security threats.
• Security concerns hurt Microsoft.

• The romance of enterprise applications starts to fade (implication: the alternative of buying and integrating specialty applications wins more competitions).
• The rising use of business intelligence drives more expenditures to assure data quality.

Simplifying all of this, we come away with two conclusions. BI is hot, and IT -- which began life as a function focused only on isolated, highly-repetitious and automatable tasks -- is now insinuating itself into all the activities that comprise a business. This is a good thing.

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