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Uncle Sam's IT Budget


Federal government "hot areas for spending and contracting opportunities are homeland security, healthcare IT and information and IT security" says Washington Technologies.

The proposed 2007 Federal IT budget is pegged at $64.3 billion of which about half is DoD-related. Earmarked for the biggest gain are Homeland Security Department expenditures, up 21% to $4.4 billion. Many of these dollars will pour into systems that screen visitors entering the US and that shore up our notoriously porous borders.

No surprise, beleagured FEMA is scheduled for a 10% increase in IT expenditures to $3.1 billion.

Healthcare IT would see a 5% increase to about $5.5 billion, these funds dedicated to electronic health records (EHR), system interoperability, payment processing systems and data mining.

A final allocation of $5.2 billion is scheduled to go to Federal departments and agencies required to follow OMB directives to improve the information security of their ancient systems, a figure about 2% larger than 2006's budget.

While the new budget is good news for IT vendors, of course our greatest hope is that it actually increases the country's ability to protect itself from those with intent to harm.

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