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The State(s) of Call Center BPO


A new Datamonitor report details the countries that host the cheapest and priciest call centers. Next time you call technical support, a Chilean may pick up the phone.

Latin America is home to the low-cost leaders: Argentina, Brazil and Chile. Venezuela, run by leftist strong-man Hugo Chavez, is notably absent from this list. Mexico, while a bit more expensive than its South American counterparts, is also bargain-priced.

Though cheap, such locations are new to the game and therefore can require more oversight to reach acceptable quality levels even for rudimentary interactions.

On the other hand, more mature locations like Canada and South Africa rate among the priciest locales and they tend to handle the most sophisticated and valuable dialogs.

In sum, as is true of all purchases, buyers of call center services must juggle price against quality considerations. For that reason, India and the Philippines continue their market share dominance with a combination of fair price and acceptable service quality for the bulk of the market. However, both these locations are increasingly struggling with rising costs as they are forced to address employee retention problems with more attractive compensation packages.

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