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Siemens Buys Shaw Unit

January 6

The Power Transmission & Distribution (PT&D) division of electronics giant Siemens has acquired the “business activities” of Shaw Power Technologies (PTI), terms undisclosed.

PTI, headquartered in Schenectady, NY, was a division of The Shaw Group, another giant player with $3.2 billion in sales, mostly from engineering consulting work. PTI has 80 electric network specialists on board, and sells planning software and engineering studies to electric utilities located in the US, the UK and Asia. The company's main product is PSS/E (Power System Simulator for Engineering), and the division had only recently been integrated into its parent's new T&D Services group.

"PTI complements Siemens' existing service business by enabling us to now offer a complete portfolio of both transmission & distribution network planning" says PT&D’s president. PT&D’s main software app is called SINCAL (Siemens Network Calculation), a suite of modules that simulate, analyze and optimize network reliability and performance.

The deal deepens Siemens penetration into the transmission and distribution (T&D) market and moves its product line closer to a “one-stop” solution for network asset management: planning, training, project management, maintenance and upgrade.

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