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Middle Market M&A Hits Its Stride

August 18

According to recent Mergerstat report, not since the second quarter of 2001 has dealflow in sub-$500 million transactions been so active.

Additionally, growth in the number of new announcements marks the third consecutive quarterly rise in North America.

Dealflow of 2,227 net new announcements at $39.5 billion in deal values only slightly improved from Q1, 2004.

But 2,263 net new announcements were delivered in Q2, valued at around $40 billion, an improvement over last year's stats of 2,014 net new announcements at $34.2 billion in disclosed deal value for the same period. That's an increase versus last year of 12% in deals announced and of 17% in aggregate deal value.

Interesting to us, the busiest industry in M&A for Q2 transactions was IT, posting 371 net new announcements and $6.5 billion in value.

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