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McAfee Finds Foundstone

August 16

In another IT security deal, anti-virus software company McAfee today said it intends to buy Foundstone, maker of software that detects and manages software vulnerabilities, for $86 million in cash.

The VC-funded acquisition target supplements McAfee's growing list of security products, now including server intrusion protection specialists Entrercept and Intruvert, recently purchased by McAfee for a combined $220 million.

McAfee plans to integrate Foundstone's technology for spotting and remediating software vulnerabilities with its intrusion detection and security policy management products, allowing companies to identify and shield high-priority computer assets from attack.

Specifically, according to company executives, McAfee will focus first on merging Foundstone functionality with its IntruVert, Entercept and VirusScan 8 products.

Network Associates purchased McAfee in August, 2002 after a contentious and lengthy process, then changed its name from Network Associates to McAfee last June.

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