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IBMís Bid for Continuity

April 13

IBM agreed this week to buy Schlumberger's Business Continuity Services (BCS) unit for an undisclosed amount. The 260 employee BCS division had been left behind with parent Schlumberger after it sold its Sema IT services division to Atos Origin for 1.27B Euro.

BCS, based in London, runs about 40 recovery sites across the globe serving about 750 customers.

These centers are designed to allow their users to manage and plan for disasters, and recover quickly when they occur. Some additional services offered include impact analysis, training and awareness planning, and crisis communications planning and management. BCS cites Sabranes-Oxley in the US and Basel II in Europe as growth drivers, in addition to continuing concerns over terrorism.

According to IBM, its Business Continuity and Recovery Service unit currently operates 130 centers where clients can rapidly route their data in case of an emergency. Clients can also temporarily house their own employees in the centers. With BCS, IBM adds about 10,000 recovery seats worldwide configured as financial trading rooms, call centers and workplaces.

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