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The Best Offer Gets ACCPAC

March 13

The Sage Group -- known as Best Software in North America -- announced this week that it purchased ACCPAC from Computer Associates for $110 million in cash. The deal gives Sage over 540,000 customers in the attractive SME market, and thousands of channel partners.

Pleasanton, California-based ACCPAC, with a fiscal year of March 31, generated pre-tax income of about $5.5 million, up from a loss of about $10 million on sales that increased 13% to $88 million. ACCPAC’s parent, Computer Associates, claims the company was likely to have generated revenue of around $28 million in the quarter ending December 31.

Best Software focuses on desktop solutions, with a brand-heavy product line that includes Peachtree, ACT, Sales Logix and Best Fixed Assets. With the acquisition, Sage acquires ACCPAC’s Advantage Series, Pro Series, CRM, Exchange, HR Series, browser-based systems and end-to-end business management applications.

The sale allows Computer Associates to effectively exit the business applications market and focus on enterprise management software like security, storage, business intelligence, application development, portals and system-integration software. For its part Sage buys not only a strong product line in a growing market, but extends its reach to new markets in Canada, South Africa, Australia and Singapore.

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