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Another WebSphere Investment

March 15

IBM announced last week further investment in its successful middleware application WebSphere by purchasing Trigo, a venture-backed vendor of RFID data synchronization software. According to The Deal, an unnamed source put Trigoís price at $100 million.

For VCís, Trigo represents a rare recent and profitable technology investment exit: Bessemer, Globespan, Fort Washington, Mayfield, Pequot and Valent had invested a collective $40 million in the company.

According to Trigoís CEO, the company was considering going public, but was dissuaded by IBMís price and post-deal synergies.

As we suggested in our 2003 year-end Dispatch, weíre excited about RFIDís demand for high-end database consulting and DBMS software needed to track in real-time millions of items through time and space, particularly now that Wal-Mart is forcing hundreds of suppliers to adopt the technology.

For another example of the rising pace of M&A in this field, see our earlier news blurb on 3Mís purchase of HighJump Software, a vendor of RFID-assisted packaged goods manufacture and distribution applications.

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