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Forsythe Does National Business

March 8

Chicago-area tech services vendor Forsythe Solutions bought National Business Group, a specialist in integrating networked security applications for undisclosed terms.

Forsythe -- formerly a quiet $600 million revenue player around since 1971 -- has carved out a niche in "infrastructure solutions", selling tech services as well as acting as a VAR for IBM, Oracle, HP, Sun, Cisco and a dozen or so other hardware vendors. Unlike many other VARs, Forsythe's technology services allows the company to generate a reasonable net profit margin -- $30 million in 2002.

National Business Group (NBG) extends Forsythe into a related but more rapidly growing sector: the company, also a VAR with a technical services overlay, focuses specifically on a subset of infrastructure management, network integration (thin-client, security, LAN/WAN and remote access solutions). NBG also brings on board a host of new VAR relationships with players like Check Point, Zone Labs and Symantec.

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