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The Day of Document Management

March 2

Continuing the trend that Kuhn Capital identified to Forbes Online last month (see “Mergers And Acquisitions: Digital Imaging Acquisition Targets”), portal and content app vendor Vignette bought imaging app vendor Tower Technology for about $125 million.

This move follows on the heels of EMC's $1.7 billion purchase of document management firm Documentum, and Adaptec's acquisition of Elipsan, a provider of solutions that move and manage data. (See last month's two news blurbs on these deals.)

Several factors explain the rush to consolidation among document management and data storage players: the complexity of Sarbanes Oxley regulation that gooses demand for painstaking document auditing; and the rising effectiveness of technologies that integrate browser-based front-ends with corporate information systems. Both factors accelerate industry growth and reward those vendors able to offer "one-stop" solutions.

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