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A Bouquet of Press

February 22

Kuhn Capital's M&A Today event held last week attracted a bouquet of press coverage. The Chicago Tribune, Forbes.com and Chicago Sun-Times have all run articles or quotes derived from event undertakings.

The event brought out many of Chicago’s finest IT and business services operating executives and deal professionals for a day of expert panels and networking. Click here for event details.

The February 11th Forbes piece, titled “Mergers And Acquisitions: Digital Imaging Acquisition Targets”, quotes Ryan Kuhn on consolidation trends in the industry. The February 16th Chicago Tribune “Takeover Trend Omits Friendliness”, article quotes Mr. Kuhn on some of the reasons why hostile takeovers are on the rise. Finally, the Chicago Sun-Times published a piece on February 23 profiling activity at Kuhn Capital.

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