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A Global eXchange Exchange

January 15

B2B e-commerce vendor Global eXchange Services (GXS) has announced its plans to acquire HAHT Commerce, a specialist in "DCM" or demand chain management applications, for about $30 million.

GXS claims to operate one of the world's largest B2B e-commerce networks, as befits its name, serving "more than 100,000 trading partners" and processing "1 billion transactions annually accounting for $1 trillion in goods and services." The business was formerly owned by GE and continues to benefit from that relationship: GE still owns 10% of GXS and accounts for a big chunk of the company's client base.

For its part, HAHT claims to be "the leading provider of Demand Chain Management solutions... used to automate, integrate and optimize business processes, transactions and information exchange between manufacturers, channel partners and their customers."

The synergies of the deal appear obvious. Now HAHT can guide its customers toward purchases executed through GXS' site, and manage the data that flows from the transaction.

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