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An M&A Spurt in Healthcare Compliance

October 6

Two deals in the healthcare compliance and education space recently caught our attention. First, HCPro announced its acquisiton of Advisory Publications, then the following day, HealthGate Data bought EBM Solutions.

HCPro provides data, education and consulting products and services to those who must comply with the ever-expanding maze of regulations and compliance mandates that encumber American medicine today. The company's target audience is healthcare facility administrators, managers and senior medical staff.

Advisory Publications publishes practice management newsletters, books and special reports for physicians.

Services HealthGate Data (OTCBB: HGAT), is a publisher of healthcare information used by hospitals and their doctors to educate patients, while its target, EBM, provides "evidence-based" medical guidelines and care management applications used to better manage care delivery, in addition to improving patient education.

We like this industry niche: as the government intrudes ever more deeply into the medical services business, the requirements for "by-the-book" practices and patient education to ward off lawsuits will continue to grow. In addition, those hospital that survive will be more effective marketers of their services to prospects and current patients than was true in the past.

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