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Buying Security

August 21

As the SoBig virus continues to rip through the global net, security M&A moves apace.

This month, Zone Labs, maker of popular security tool Zone Alarm, announced the acquisition of IM Secure, client software that protects an increasingly large instant messaging (IM) user base.

Though terms of the deal were undisclosed, Symantec, Verisign, and Network Associates have all made high-profile, high-value acquisitions in the last year, and the trend towards security software consolidation shows no sign of slowing.

Of particular note of late has been activity in the IPS market, a security software niche that has seen action with Network Associatesí buys of both Entercept and Intruvert, as well as Ciscoís purchase of Okena. IPS firms largely focus on detecting and preventing network intrusions. Other major players in the space include Sana Security and Harris Corporation, and Captus Security.

The legion security weaknesses of Microsoft's products alone support a flourishing micro-economy of companies that exist just to make Bill's products a bit safer for the world to use.

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