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The Rise of SMB's

July 5

According to a Forrester Research, companies with less than $100 million in revenue (small-medium business enterprises or SMB's) will increase their IT spending by 17% next year compared to a 1% increase by companies with sales exceeding $500 million. That fact is setting off a scramble by giant software and IT services vendors to redirect their products and marketing efforts.

The application family supposedly most in demand by SMB's is business intelligence (BI), or solutions that collect and present data to executives sufficient to make virtually real-time operating decisions.

A certain subset of those generating $100 million or less is expected to grow even faster: the researchers claim that business and consumer services SMB's will spend 47% more this year than last.

Microsoft of course has been gunning for this market since before its purchase of accounting software firm Great Plains, around the time it began to develop the NT server.

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