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Axtive, Axiom Act Acquisitively

Hyper-acquisitive Axtive Corporation announced this week the purchase of ThinkSpark, an Oracle Development house with an IT integration focus, for undisclosed terms.

ThinkSpark joins Axtiveís cache of IT and web services firms, including recenty acquired software consulting group UDT Corporation, The Vision Group, interactive media firm Virtually There, and web services outfit Media Resolutions. ThinkSpark is Axtive's fifth acquisition in twelve months.

Founded in 1985, ThinkSpark has six offices throughout the Southwest with approximately $21 million in revenue for 2002. The firm is expected to add more than 250% to Axtive's projected revenues in 2003.

In other Ax news, the Axiom Corporation, an IT consulting firm focused on the utility and transportation industries, announced it had acquired the Synchro product from asset management specialists Indus International for undisclosed terms.

Axiom plans on integrating Synchro, an object-oriented CIS tool for the energy industry, in combination with their Mobility product line to create a new workforce management suite.

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