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Network Associates Locks Up Two More

April 7

Internet and network security firm Network Associates is on an M&A tear, announcing this week the acquisitions of server intrusion protection specialists Entercept and Intruvert for a combined $220 million. Both companies provide software aimed at keeping hackers out of critical systems and both, coincidentally, are based in San Jose, CA.

Only last September, NA had overcome SEC concerns regarding reporting irregularities to close its largest deal to date, the purchase for $225 million of the 25% of McAfee equity it didnít already own.

NAís move ups the pace in an industry sector already keen on consolidation. Last July, competitor Symantec spent $355 million to acquire security firms Riptech, Security Focus, and Recourse Technologies. IBM also stepped into the M&A arena last September with its purchase of Access 360 for over $125 million.

As concerns over online and offline terrorism continue to grow, we anticipate that IT security industry consolidation will stay on the front burner.

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