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Online Ad Powers Realign

July 2

Internet and direct mail advertising powerhouse L90 has announced it will acquire one-time rival DoubleClick's North American Media Business -- a move that pushes both companies toward a more focused approach in an increasingly consolidated market. L90 purchased the division for stock and $5 million in cash.

It’s the latest chapter in an involved relationship between the two companies. In 1999 and 2000, they traded lawsuits over alleged patent infringements, then in 2001 DoubleClick bought L90’s ad-serving and tracking software.

Now with the latest intermingling of the two entities, L90 will change its name to MaxWorldwide, become the world’s largest vendor of online ads, and take on board ceratin members of DoubleClick’s senior management team. The surviving elements of DoubleClick will focus on technology development, with Max Worldwide as a new customer.

In other news, CMGI, owners of Engage, (a competitor of both DoubleClick and MaxWorldwide), AltaVista, YesMail, and UBid, announced today its acquisition of Software Logistics Corporation, an SCM software vendor, for $41 million in cash. The deal is a diversification for CMGI, a company that made its mark through acquiring and developing marketing-focused properties.

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